Integrated Plant Nutrient Management909 204



BOP is a next generation phosphatic fertilizers. Bioactive Organic Phosphate (BOP) fertilizers is produced through Bioactivation patent technology of Niha Corp USA. Bioactive Phosphorous is an organically encapsulated micronized Phosphate. BOP contains

  • P205 20%
  • Organic Matter 15%
  • P Bacteria 109
  • Bacterial Efficiency 10%

A synergetic combination of Bioactive Phosphorus, Decomposed & Stable Organic Matter, Nutrient Solubilizing Microorganisms (NSM) & Plant Growth Regulating Microorganisms (PGRM). BOP gives

  • Healthy & vigorous root system due to Organic Matter and PGRM.
  • Better seed germination & early growth
  • Crop remain green till ripening due to PGRM
  • Continuous supply of Phosphorus from germination to ripening of crop. Meets Phosphorus requirement of crop at every stage
  • Healthy crop and more yield
  • Free from Phosphorus leaching and fixation Best suited for all soils especially low pH soils
  • BOP is an ideal phosphorous supplement for acidic soils and soil conditioning

General Dose Recommendation (Kg/Hect)
based on 0-20-0 & 15% OM Grade


To achieve ideal result, apply before soaking irrigating dose or along with basal fertilizers. Above are general recommendations, for best results always refer soil analysis-based recommendations. Always apply BOP before soaking dose of irrigation or one to two weeks before planting.

Average of 5 Years Trials


vs Chemical Fertilizers

23-24% Higher grain yield in wheat and maize
15-40% Higher biomass in wheat, maize and sorghum