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At Niha Corp – a California corporation USA we embrace and foster the concept of eco-friendly, sustainable Bio technological solution for greener globe. Our core business areas are Plant nutrients, Renewable energy, Bioremediation. With the global population heading towards eight billion by the year 2020, it has become essential to improve global environment and to increase our agricultural productivity without compromising on the depletion of nature. Excessive use of chemical in isolation in our routine life and at agricultural farms as inputs can provide the necessary benefits but their unscrupulous usage has had a catastrophic impact on human health and environment. The need of the hour is a non-toxic and ecologically – friendly approach to live healthier life and farm management

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Of all the essential nutrients, nitrogen is required by plants in the largest quantity and is most frequently the limiting...

bio activation

Bio-activation Of Crop Nutrients

Bio Active Nutrient Fortification Concept All plants require nutrients for their growth and productivity. They are categorized in to Primary,...



Phosphorus is one of 17 nutrients essential for plant growth. Its functions cannot be performed by any other nutrient, and...