Integrated Plant Nutrient Management909 204


  • Nitrogen 42%, Bioactive Zinc 1% A synergetic combination of Urea (Nitrogen) Nutrient Solubilizing Microorganisms (NSM), Plant Growth Regulating Microorganisms (PGRM) & Organic Coating. A novel product of Niha Corp – USA Patent Bioactivation Technology. It contains Eco-friendly comparative to ZnSo4. Its Bio active Zinc is best suited for all soils (Alkaline & Acidic). Bioactive Zn – No Zn leaching or fixation. Resultantly: –
  • Healthy & vigorous root system due to synergetic effect of Zinc, PGRM & NSM
  • Lush green and larger leaves due to quick and lasting Zinc supplement.
  • Larger ear with more grains
  • Healthy crop and more yield
  • Crop remains green till ripening due to PGRM
  • Organic coating gives less Nitrogen leaching and volatilization
  • Free flowing, no lumps & powder.
urea Z
urea Z