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Our Vision

Niha Corp has been established with the vision of embracing the concept of eco-friendly and sustainable environment & agriculture. The company strives to establish itself as a reputed manufacturer and a preferred supplier of biological solutions & products in the area of Fertilizers and Renewable Energy. The company is committed to provide the socially responsible research and technology based solutions ensuring minimized cost of production and waste with maximum yields.

We emphasize the need to provide our customers with unique and innovative inputs in a hygienic and healthy environment for enhanced profits. To be an end-to-end bio-solution provider, ensuring widespread distribution, education of the customers /consumers, consultancy services and timely delivery of products.


C.E.O Vision

Welcome to Niha Corp, a California corporation dedicated to eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for a greener globe. Our focus areas are Plant Nutrients, Renewable Energy, and Bioremediation. We prioritize non-toxic, nature-friendly approaches for healthier living and farming. With the global population nearing eight billion, it is crucial to improve the environment and increase agricultural productivity without depleting nature. Excessive chemical usage has had catastrophic effects on human health and the environment. At Niha Corp, we advocate for a non-toxic, ecologically-friendly approach to foster a healthier life and farm management. Our innovative plant nutrient solutions optimize crop yield while promoting soil health, water conservation, and biodiversity preservation. We aim to provide farmers with tools that maximize productivity without compromising natural resources. Renewable energy is at the forefront of our commitment. By transitioning from fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives, we mitigate climate change, reduce our carbon footprint, and create a brighter, sustainable future. Additionally, we actively engage in bioremediation efforts. Through cutting-edge biotechnological advancements, we restore damaged ecosystems and clean up polluted environments, safeguarding community health. Under the leadership of CEO Rana Iqbal, we strive to create a better world. With his passion for environmental conservation and understanding of challenges, we continue to innovate and drive change for a sustainable future. Explore our website to discover our eco-friendly solutions. Whether you are a farmer, investor, or individual seeking positive impact, Niha Corp supports your journey. Join us in building a greener globe through the power of biotechnology. Rana Muhammad Iqbal CEO, Niha Corp