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Bioactive MOP is a next generation MOP. Bioactive MOP is an activated MOP with patent technology of Niha Corp USA. It is coated with activating agents, a blend of Acclimatized Beneficial Microbes consortium, Microbes Growth promoting Organic material blend. This Bioactivation ensures more nutrient availability to plant and less trapping of K2O in soil. Giving significant higher yield vs classical MOP.

Classical MOP is manufactured by reacting sulfuric acid and MOP. MOP has 7 pH and is ideal potassic fertilizer for field crops grown in normal soils.


Bioactivation of MOP with beneficial microbes and organic emulsion of activating agent makes it more efficacy vs classical MOP. Its microbial consortium develops a synergetic relation with plant and ensures: –

  • Healthy plant
  • Vigorous root system
  • Increased chlorophyl

Resultantly 10-15% more availability of nutrients and higher yield. Bioactive MOP is water soluble and can be applied with irrigation water.